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Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Brando Lupi – Artificial Fogs [Detune Records, 2022-05-10]


Unlike other medias, we have always been defending that Dozzy, Lupi, Gigli, Sabatini & Laertes are the true creators of the Italian hypnotic techno saga, not Lory D, not Leo Anibaldi, who did inspire the “Fantastic Five”, but who developed more housey/breakbeat tunes afterwards. Lupi in particular, the most technical musician among the five, paved the way with his creativity. So when we see his name on a new release, we hit play with great humility. “Artificial Fogs” triggers nostalgia; we are back to the original sound of Roma, our very first love.

Pattrn – Bridges [Initiate Records, 2022-05-13]


It seems to us that Pattrn withdrew from public life for a while to study the production tools in a Shaolin temple, and is now back, finally ready to unleash the dragon. While his previous releases were “great”, so to speak, “Bridges” is special. Now that the Belgian warrior obviously knows how to battle, he’s capable to add some style. “Bridges” unveils a lot more of his artistic personality, made of complex yet creative soundscapes. The originality is particularly obvious in “Katano”, unexpectedly ambient at this point, which stops the time. The emotional response is at work with the following tracks, including the fabulous reworks of legend Sebastian Mullaert.

Adhil Moorish – The Fallen World | Remastered + Remixes [Khoros Records, 2022-05-15]


We usually don’t select re-editions or bundles of past tracks in our weekly charts, but this one comes with an interesting added value. Firstly, it’s a re-issue of one of the label’s best releases, with a re-mastering that is not just “better”, but “ten times better” shall we say (hear by yourself by comparing with the original version). Secondly, many great remixes have been added, giving to the album a richer second life. It’s a pleasure to dive into those journeys and get lost in the work of everyone involved.

Trismus – At Seas EP [.inphase, 2022-05-13]


An orgasmic “Oh my God” is what comes to mouth when listening to the opener, if you play it from the beginning and let the intensity grow in your chest. But then it’s too short: 2 minutes… At least, it plays its role, by catching the listener’s attention to pursue the adventure. The French artist rolls up the sleeves for the next tracks and serves us some dope textured gems. They definitely become a trademark for .inphase, which he co-owns with Pause and init1.

Atom™ – Neuer Mensch [raster, 2022-05-13]


Uwe Schmidt AKA multi-awarded Atom™; it’s more than 40 years in music production, 200 albums, 70 aliases, reinterpretations of music from Depeche Mode, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, so the million dollars question is: “what is he doing in our underground media?” Simple: “Neuer Mensch” is interesting… (and so “raster style”!) … For any other questions, please contact [email protected] 🙂

Paul&Deep – Michelle’s [Paul&Deep, 2022-05-13]


The summer heat runs in the Spanish producer’s veins, with his warm melodic tech house and groovy techno. Those are electronic music genres that we don’t really follow, being quite far from the aesthetics that we cover. However, the tracks of his recent EP, dedicated to his future wife, are more hypnotic (“the language of love”?) and we share them for their high potential to rock the house at peak time.

VOOCOO – Twisted [ViennaUnderground Traxx, 2022-04-29]


VOOCOO from Austria is what you call a talented “beatmaker”, an artist capable to design heavy/fat beats, with obvious expertise on the bass boost. It’s not so common to hear him designing drum’n’bass, as for the first track, while the three following tracks, evolving in the deep dubstep genre, are more related to what he usually does. In one of our interviews, Polygonia mentioned that she loves underground dubstep, we bet that this is this deep/subtle style she was referring to. The release is very impressive, from beginning till end.

Aikanã – Cosmic Tribes [Zodiac Music, 2022-05-08]


Zodiac Music is pretty active these days, for our greatest pleasure. The releases follow each other and are outrageously constantly mind-blowing. The label (and its artists) being very “secret”, it’s difficult for us to share more information: we only know that Aikanã is a duo of producers who already have a great bunch of releases on Zodiac Music and on Kurnugû, another drum’n’bass label that we cherish. What else? Just hit play and feel the bass babe…

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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