Decoder – The Futurist EP

 Decoder – The Futurist EP

(Antiterra, 2021-03-18)

Based in Italy, Antiterra conceptualises a “fictional planet, always eclipsed by the sun and following Earth”. The label takes inspiration from this hypothetical cosmic entity to guide the listener through sonic space adventures. In “The Futurist” in particular, Decoder joins the solar system, giving life to the emptiness of space with complex sounds.  

In the first track “Star Mining”, the US artist ensures no shortage of techno‚Äôs beloved “bleeps and bloops”, utilising an efficient mixture of raw percussions. Each layer has a visual counterpart, brought with ingenious creativity through the sound design, made to enhance the visibility of the journey.

Following up with the third track, the EP’s main title, Decoder plunges the listener into a mysterious but yet comfortable boiling liquid, a calm contrast to the other fast-paced adventures. Maintaining a steady stream of curiosity for nearly five and a half minutes, trippy patterns and unfamiliar sounds are at the forefront of the track.

As with the fifth one, “Impatient Figure”, a playful merge of the prior four tracks is explored, concluding the EP with a fresh revisit.

With its diverse set of sounds, between raw, deep, and arpeggio-focused techno, Antiterra builds up its fascinating vision. Without being focused on a narrow view of sub-genres, the label brings artists to showcase their best to an audience nicely prepared to take off for distant destinations.


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