Our team

Cédric Finkbeiner

Founder, lead writer and editor, master of disaster, pretends to be loyal to the hypnotic techno scene while having a record of Deftones trapped in his player. As a former skateboarder, he used to try “one more time” too often. It’s the same with words. Studied shamanism at the university before travelling with music. Lives in the quiet country of Switzerland yet is hyperactive.

Richard Csizmazia

Master of the web, long-time modular synth addict and music lover. During the day, he runs IT projects and when the sun goes down, he likes to dive deep into the experimental parts of techno. While “a dog is man’s best friend”, he is known to be a “dogs’ best friend”. As an animal lover, he lives in the Swiss mountains, where he enjoys getting lost on his mountain bike or skis.

Tina Camilleri

Mod in our Facebook group and senior writer. Tina is not tied to a particular artistic field, with her ethos manifested in visual art and sound. In Malta, you’d find her collaborating with artists and organisations, exploring communities and more mysterious spaces, packed with magic, history and nature. When journeying to lands afar, she releases energy at monumental landmarks or dance floors. Well-predisposed to trance, she’s reportedly able to levitate, but no evidence yet.

Clarence Rise

Mod in our Facebook group and project leader. Also composer, DJ and live musician, Clarence collects electronic machines, loves nature and dystopian universes. In his forest in the North-East of France, he injects this ambivalence between onirism and darkness in all his creations. The convoluted rhythms are his outlet, the icy atmospheres of cold waves, his salvation. And yet, he has no diagnosed mental illness.

Ronny Pinazza

Mod in our Facebook group. Nature lover as well, he particularly enjoys his quiet home valleys in the Dolomites. As a DJ and producer, he seeks to translate the local vibe musically, as well as give it a distant galactic touch: Ronny has one foot in the forest and the other in his favourite sci-fi books. As a result, he’s instinctive with a holographic mind, sees reality as “a projection of thoughts and emotions”, and NASA suspects him of being a time traveller coming from the future…