Accents Records – Various Artists 005

Accents Records – Various Artists 005

(Accents Records, 2021-03-15)

The fifth compilation on the French label was released as a celebration of their five years in existence. Accents Records is known for infrequent high-concept releases, exploring the fusion of organic ambient and techno music. The compilation is seemingly organised into groups of three tracks, each with its own direction.

The tone is initially set with three warmer ambient tracks, including “Broken Tune Purgatory” by Hisolat Records co-director Kanthor. After that, the established atmosphere is built up more by introducing rhythmic elements, shown in the ethereal “Aurea” by Simone Bauer. More tribal and breakbeat elements are added to the mix in the following tracks, increasing the energy to another step. “Fated”, by the British producer Caldera, features especially seductive rhythms. 

Next, three excellent examples of just how well organic ambient and deep techno sounds match together, including “Gumusservi” by Polygonia, as a highlight for the release “Aetiology Agents” by Nternal Bserver.

The counterpoint to the lighter perspective of the compilation this far, a darker and more introspective direction, emerges with Forest On Stasys “Nekome Jutsu”. The energy is increased yet again with the last group of tracks, culminating in the driving “Raytek” by Farceb. Even though the intensity is at its highest here, the atmosphere set in the beginning is still present.

And lastly, the ambient “Momenti” by Elle serves as the perfect conclusion to this skilfully engineered experience.


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