22ND SELECTION – A new one every Monday.

Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Ness – Flesh Of The Gods [Navigare Audio, 2022-05-03]


Ness has been very busy mixing and taking care of his artists on TGP in the past five years. On the side of the production, he made some remixes, a couple of EPs: nothing transcendental really after 2017, a year marked by his key album Trancemigration and his epic collab with Deepbass. But then, in the course of a special DJ session, he developed a great link with the crew of Navigare Audio. For the Swedish label, he released a fat remix, a massive DJ set announcing the album and now the album itself, which feels like an updated version of Prologue’s best works, merged with his trancey influences. It says something about Ness: the human connections gained while mixing feed his creativity more than anything else.

Mod21 – Hoarfrost EP [Mental Modern, 2022-04-30]


Mod21 is a talented multi-faceted artist, with a deepness and a tortured musical soul evoking other obscure creative minds such as Korridor, Notzing, Refracted, Mike Parker even, regarding the acid spirals. However, if Parker takes the best out of a few elements, Mod21, on his side, installs profound moods, like in his last release on the Italian label. This is a trademark of the artists who are also active in contemplative visual art: take a look at his Instagram page to (re)discover his mind-bending photographs.

Noah Lyas – Unfamiliar atmosphere [Circular Limited, 2022-05-06]


When listening to this EP, you won’t believe that Noah Lyas only produces since 2020. And if it wasn’t enough, his first work was already an impressive piece of art, which is totally unfair. Coming from Amsterdam, he immediately understood what Donato Dozzy calls “the hypnotic techno language”, producing it like a veteran, on labels such as Secuencias Temporales and now Circular Limited. He is also one of the founders of Profundo Collective, a superb project that we also follow closely.

ABSIS – All The Moments [Oslated, 2022-05-02]


“The new Oslated is here”… This sentence says it all, doesn’t it? Label owner Jong-min Lee is a particularly great selector of projects and ABSIS’ dubby, atmospheric sound signature was meant to end up in the South-Korean imprint. The Spanish artist has not been in the production world for long, but he has a huge experience behind the decks. Through his infinite amount of mixes, he’s for sure very accustomed to manipulating the sonic frequencies, offering to the listener very subtle nature-oriented journeys. Bas Dobbelaer & Vand nicely close the EP, with tribal percussions matching with the topic.

Bascha – Tale of Bilalayl [Annulled Music, 2022-05-06]


Would it be scandalous to say that we’ve been totally corrupted by the extraordinary artwork of Manon Deroy during our selection, at the level of pieces from other talented graphic designers such as Oslated’s virtuoso Clément Davout? It would be indeed scandalous, if the music was not up to the high expectations. French artist Bascha, part of the duo Akob – an ambitious project which has for instance remixed Nils Frahm – has succeeded to create a musical poem, an oriental journey “to the infinite and beyond”: hit play, you’ll understand…

Zodiac Music – Malevolent XXI [Zodiac Music, 2022-05-01]


It is not a secret that anthracite grey project Zodiac Music is one of our favourite drum’n’bass labels, with the “Malevolent” series of VAs on top of its discography. What else could we say? We continue to put our hands down in front of the artists at work, who succeed to make the music genre hypnotic, thanks to a smart recalibration of the aesthetic into more minimal structures, deep and charismatic. Note: let’s not forget to mention also a new dope EP by Shinbu, who also contributed to the label in the past, released a few days after the VA.

Space Drum Meditation – SDM004 Remixes [Space Drum Meditation, 2022-04-29]


Impressive names are grouped in this VA, such as Marco Shuttle, apparently unable to produce anything else than monumental tracks, Anthony Linell, master of the loops, Konduku, the tribal magician, Mateo Hurtado, the mad scientist (yes, a little bit) and more. As a result: a bundle of must-have tracks, made to be collected and tasted like fine food. Bon appétit!

Ritualism Records – Quantum Healing pt​.​1 [Ritualism Records, 2022-05-06]


It’s a pleasure to witness the evolution of the young Italian label Ritualism Records, with its very recognisable artwork. Launched in 2019, it already has a great collection of releases in its catalogue, composed of artists who have themselves strong musical personalities, thinking of Abrial, Knay or Adhémar. “Quantum Healing pt​.​1” is the label’s third VA, with, again, works from talented sound designers. They have produced subtle atmospheres, with for sure the power to “heal” any mental injury, at least during the listening time.

Einox – Implementation [Crescent London, 2022-05-02]


We all know the work of Einox on Affin and while he has always been considered a pure genius by his peers, we sense a certain maturity in the new tracks that he proposes on the British label. The pieces are pretty experimental but each of them also contains an efficient groove which, added to the dubby flavour, makes the complex music “easy to digest.” We are at least in for a second helping on our side…

B. Riley – CTRL008 [CMND CTRL, 2022-05-06]


We usually don’t promote singles, to make room for bigger projects in our selection, but when it’s dope like that, there is no way that we miss the information. Two bangers for the peak time are waiting for you in the release, produced by Miami-based Brandon Riley on his own imprint, mainly dedicated to his work, and by Jesper Dahlbäck AKA The Persuader, accustomed to the heat of the night.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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