Our extreme passion for hypnotic techno is sometimes mobilised in other platforms. Follow our writings in other press projects:

Sound background: where does the inspiration come from? (Melifera, March 2023) [Just a quick comment in the conclusion]

In music production, the sound background has both a context and an emotional function. So, how do you make it sounds good?

Label Showcase: Samurai Music/Horo (Orb Mag, July 2022)

Deep dive into the journey of the two labels, featuring head honcho Presha and label protagonists, ASC, Sam KDC, Ena, Homemade Weapons and The Untouchables.

Donato Dozzy: Decoding a musical language (Orb Mag, May 2021)

Four decades of a distinguished career under the microscope.

Into Deep Waters: Claudio PRC (Orb Mag, Nov 2020)

Diving into the Sardinian’s artist creative mind to understand the heart of his subtle music.

Favorites: Luigi Tozzi (Orb Mag, Sep 2020)

The Italian deep techno stalwart shares ten records that have been essential in his journey as an artist.

Between art and reality: Architectural (Orb Mag, Jun 2020)

Inquire in the creative process of the multifaceted artist.

Behind the decks: Daniel Avery (Orb Mag, Apr 2020)

Exploring different angles of the art of DJing with the UK visionary.

In the DJ’s mind – Ness (Monument, Sep 2018)

Experimental project made to create a 100% DJ environment.

In the DJ’s mind – Joachim Spieth (Monument, Jul 2018)

Experimental project made to create a 100% DJ environment.