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“Hypnotic techno” is an aesthetic based on “a timeless repetition”, as opposed to “progressive techno” (although today’s hypnotic techno does have some subtle progression). The aesthetic emerged from Detroit and Säcko’s cold minimalism, “coloured” then by bands such as Basic Channel, to get more atmospheric later mainly thanks to the Italian school, which brought it into the chill-out culture.

Technically, the hypnosis is basically induced by constant repetition, originally stripped down at its core, today intensified by textures, spirals and/or kinematics made of deep melodies, walking in a very narrow path with sound design. The deep beat – mono- or polyrhythmic and usually without snare – contributes to the immersion.


Old-school hypnotic techno: “an alienating repetition”

Italian hypnotic techno: “a relaxing repetition”

A typical contemporary hypnotic techno mix:

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