Trøm Borg – Beyond the Jovian Disk

Trøm Borg – Beyond the Jovian Disk

(Ancestral Process, 2021-04-21)

Since its birth in 2020, Ancestral Process has joined a list of relatively newer record labels that have started quite well. Its catalogue already contains four strong EPs, provided by up-and-coming names such as Ples, TORTO, Natsuki, and now Trøm Borg. The Dutch native has provided us with four eclectic productions, all designed to launch the mind into outer space, complemented by moods fitting various moments throughout the night.

The main track “Beyond the Jovian Disk” has quite a first impression thanks to the crescendoing pads, accompanied by a groove-filled bassline. The piece within itself feels like several stories being told simultaneously, which nicely complement each, protecting the spatial journey from the chaos. With an impressive display of oscillation, “Interstellar Cloud” opens up the spectrum and slightly tones the energy down with deeper sensations. Then, as build-ups go, “Galilean Satellites” teases a more compelling pad work which never seems to plateau, holding the emotive rhetoric of the album as we proceed.

Finally, “Orbital Resonance” closes us out with a lush, deep, rolling bassline, coddled by subtle percussions and a movie score-like build of melody, capping off the wonderful release.


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