Crossing Avenue – Piromanzia

Crossing Avenue – Piromanzia

(Outis Music, 2021-05-14)

A global pandemic and two years after their last EP on Spazio Disponibile, Italian duo Crossing Avenue returns with a unique-sounding three-track release that provides a journey into our most primal and tribal origins, resuming perfectly Outis Music’s ethnic quest.

Over the years, the Italian label run by pioneer Dino Sabatini has established itself as a solid asset in the deep techno landscape, consistently experimenting and expanding the scope of the genre, with a signature sound that could be described as earth-sounding, smooth, immersive and dark, but never aggressive. “Piromanzia” follows Dino Sabatini’s footsteps and writes a new chapter in the shaman’s world.

“Piromante”, with its traditional percussions, marks the beginning of the ritual. The intriguing vibe gets particularly intense when the heavy kicks enter the mix. Surrounding whispers and a nicely crafted soundscape achieve to rock the listener slowly into a trance state. 

“Sacrificio” is then ongoing on Outis’ altar and calls on the tribal dance around the fire. The cherry-picked tonal percussions and shakers are nicely arranged in time and space. Supported by an impeccable mix, they form a natural-sounding ensemble where nothing seems synthesised or exaggerated. 

Closing the eyes brings both the picture and the sensation of the dance in nature, which turns ecstatic while playing the last track. “Fuoco Freddo” (“Cold Flame”), faster, brings the EP into dark techno territories. Its minimalistic eerie melody associated with subtle rhythmic bursts unveils an oppressive mood, yet inviting into the frenzied dance.

Recorded in Italy and mastered by Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin, Piromanzia will also be shortly available in vinyl format.


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