Svarog – Drum’n’Bass mix (March 2022)

Ukrainian artist Svarog doesn’t really need any introduction, except if you’ve been living in a cave in… 🤔✋Wait… In fact, even if you’ve been living in a cave, you are aware of his sound. “The cave”, dear hypnotic techno lover, constitutes Svarog’s territory, his artistic home and world, tainted with deep cavernous and foggy sounds. Think of his work on Affin: do you sense the vaporous mausoleum of stalagmites under his Carpathian Mountains? Or the tribal paintings on the ancestral walls eroded by centuries of moisture?

If not, listen to this mix, but you might be surprised…


Yes, Svarog explains having received a certain amount of drum’n’bass promos over time and decided to create a mix out of them. His announcement created a high enthusiasm back then, if not “an intolerable waiting”, because let’s be honest: having a musical speleologist controlling drum’n’bass frequencies sounded super interesting on paper.

The result is even better than expected. While a follower mentioned how great it was that the artist “brought the drum’n’bass into his own territory,” Svarog answered, “It’s going from my heart, so it has the same atmosphere.” The track selection is exactly made of the drum’n’bass that we love and sometimes share here: hypnotic, deep, foggy, forestal. 

Svarog delivered forty minutes of captivating sounds, at a globally deep and well-controlled energy, and the only criticism that we could bring, is that it was too short.

Tracklist [Please buy the tracks to support the underground scene with us]

1. Paracusia – People [Paradise Lost Recordings]
2. ASC – TMA1 [Space Cadets]
3. Kiri X Spiritual Voices – Scalp [Kurnugû]
4. Vardae – Glow [Annulled Music]
5. Klass Sirius – Black Block [Human Disease Network]
6. Bereneces – A [Paradise Lost Recordings]
7. Aikanã – Shaman [Zodiac Music]
8. Bokor – Timekeeper [Kurnugû]
9. Bereneces – Collide [Inception Audio]
10. Paracusia – Blackest Winter [Paradise Lost Recordings]


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