Rrose – Please Touch

Rrose – Please Touch [Eaux, 2023-06-23]

In the Yogi culture, the mind is divided into “intellect”, “identity”, “memory” and “pure intelligence”… 

The Intellect:

The technical process at work in “Please Touch” is a combination of formulas that have contributed to Rrose’s success. It is first a musical tension on a fence between light and dark forces, particularly palpable in “Pleasure Vessels”, “Feeding Time” and “Spines”. It is also a choice of central sounds nurtured by a myriad of intertwining audio processes, particularly obvious in all the present drones, whether they are carried or not by drums. It is finally a well-recognised know-how in rhythmic design: Rrose has an indescribable ability to associate the right rhythmic patterns with the right moods, creating an intimate dialogue between the various layers that compose the tracks.

The Identity:

Musically, the LP reaffirms the American-born artist’s roots in the psychedelic and avant-guarde culture of the US West Coast. Mills College, in particular, whose legacy on experimental music has been intimidatingly vast, with professors such as Henry Cowell and John Cage, and students such as Phil Lesh and Laurie Anderson, can still be sensed in the dark roaring drones of Rrose, who admits the influence. We also have the “Sandwellian” deep moods and polyrhythmic drums from the hypnotic techno school of The UK, where Rrose is currently based.

The Memory:

It crosses the two previous dimensions, while the next and last one requires that we leave the classic schemes of reviews to define it and explore it further…

The Pure Intelligence:

The understanding of what this dimension implies requires first a plunge into psychological territories, before associating it with Rrose’s artistic soul. 

When focusing on the process of “thought”, human beings usually only think from the data they have gathered, meaning that we mostly recycle information rather than bring novelty into our minds. This results for instance in setting up psychological dramas at the centre of life, while they are in fact just small happenings compared to life’s process itself: life has a much deeper intelligence than intellect… 

If “Intellect” eventually brings reasoning and technical benefits – in short, “comfort” – it also sometimes poisons life, because we learn to know and dissect everything instead of experience. Yet if you dissect your mother, you will see lungs and kidneys, but you won’t sense her heart… 

If you take a closer look at a flower or an ant, all that you will see is “pure intelligence”, independent from the three previous dimensions. The more “you touch it”, the more powerful your life will be…

This is our free interpretation of what Rrose suggest to “touch” in the title of the album, but since it’s also in this dimension that lies the “pure creative mind”, it is not risky to affirm that Rrose often accesses it. Album after album, the maestro doesn’t only apply techniques or follow influences, but creates experiences, and life…


In addition to our review, we have invited a talented artist to share his own point of view on the album. Spearhead of Affin, with also releases on emblematic labels such as Annulled or Silent Season, he’s a sonic explorer as well, privileging the experimental approach, both in the creation of his loops and in the way he processes them. Humble with a zen-chilling attitude, he’s pursuing the same goal as his peers: attempting to translate nature musically, such as the movement of the rivers where he enjoys fishing. He’s behind an original concept called “Troekurovo“, consisting of recording live experimental jam sessions in the woods once per year. From this description, you can sense the common points that he has with Rrose, making his participation opportune:


The album is a truly experimental and innovative work that blends elements of techno, industrial, and ambient music in a way that is both unique and captivating. Rrose’s use of sound effects creates an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue that draws the listener in and keeps them engaged from start to finish.

What I particularly loved about “Please Touch” is its diverse palette of sounds and rhythms. The album moves seamlessly from slow and weighty to fast and energetic, creating a dynamic listening experience that keeps you on your toes. And yet, despite its experimental nature, the album never feels disjointed or unfocused – each track flows smoothly into the next, creating a cohesive whole.

Overall, I think that “Please Touch” is a fantastic achievement for Rrose, and one that will appeal to fans of both techno and experimental electronic music. I look forward to seeing where Rrose takes the sound next!”


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