Reggy Van Oers – Rite Of Passage

Reggy Van Oers – Rite Of Passage

(Telemorph, 2021-01-27)

It’s when an artist shines…

In front of Ableton, there are many approaches: experimenting and trying to make a track out of that, jamming and recording the best parts, having an illumination under the shower and running to the PC to materialize it… Or, translating musically a mood, an event, that the artist has been living with a certain deepness, positive, negative, sad, though.

“Rite of passage” follows a devastating loss, as announced by RVO, a therapeutic need to express in between soundwaves the accumulation of tension, the incomprehension of life and its various possible fates.

“Music is my refugee” can we often read. Music is a message, a light, a hope that moving on, without forgetting, but by expelling the suffering out, is a way to stay alive. “Rite of passage” is not dark: it sounds like a wish for both the one who stays and the one who leaves to embrace a better dimension. By including himself in the process, RVO gave a free rein to his creativity, designing the melodies in a way never done before. The result is stunning, timeless.

In the end, the release is maybe not the sound to expect from him, for being “less techno”, “less drone-ish”, but at the same time, this is so much who he is, being also a real authentic musician, as heard in his various projects. It’s also not very risky to say that Telemorph’s label owner, through his various collaborations, regularly injects a bit of his close human relationships in his music, even when doing techno. It has been particularly felt in his last release “El Tiempo del SueƱo“, featuring Aleja Sanchez on her label Northallsen, and through the beautiful melancholic lament of “Cirrus“, featuring Joachim Spieth on Affin.

“Rite of passage” is an initiation to reach the light, which we can all benefit from. While being dedicated to a sad loss, it’s the soundtrack of life, with its breaking points, its hopes, its falls into the abyss, and its new beginnings. It’s when the artist shines…


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