ASC – Sacred Sevens III

ASC – Sacred Sevens III

(Modern Cathedrals, 2021-04-12)

When it comes to the more experimental/dub/drone-ish side of hypnotic techno, very few American labels execute the style as brilliantly as Modern Cathedrals does. Since its creation in 2015, the founder, Altstadt Echo, has featured himself and several prominent artists, such as Luigi Tozzi, Uun, Evigt Mörker, Varg, that best represent what the musical source is all about. The label also spawns as a congregation for lovers of the sound, taking place as an after-party during the American techno pilgrimage known as Movement Detroit Music Festival, which has featured colossal artists such as Adriana Lopez, Svreca, DeepChord and Clay Wilson. For its 14th release, Modern Cathedrals brings the third instalment of its special marbled vinyl edition “Sacred Sevens”, composed by ASC, one of the most talented veterans of British dance music.

As the title suggests, “Traction” signals the start of the sidewinding sonic atmosphere ASC has masterfully displayed over the years. With a dance floor-worthy rhythm, the piece is a perfect example of how the producer can create a 10+ minute track containing a plethora of sounds, without ever coming off as overdone. “Gaussian Function”, inversely, strays closer to ASC’s abilities to bring to life faster irregular drum patterns and synths, giving a sense of controlled turbulence. In a “calm before the storm” feel, “Triton” comes in with more soothing pads and primal sounds, controlling a deep polyrhythmic journey. “Fornax” brings more intensity and hypnotic energies, while paying homage to the DnB roots ASC has harnessed into his sound.

The EP has been mastered by Neel at Enisslab, one of the best sound engineers of the scene, bringing an added-value to this highly recommended release.


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