17TH SELECTION – A new one every Monday.

Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

Denise Rabe – The Monkey And The Cat [Rabe, 2022-03-18]


In an artistic world of copycats, it’s a relief to experience the work of true creators, playing a different card, bringing the sound “elsewhere”. Denise Rabe, Vil and Mary Yuzovskaya offer us a rich moment of new sonic discoveries, risky, intriguing and fascinating.

GiGi FM – Magnetite EP [Bambe, 2022-03-07]


After a first remarked ambient album, the Berlin-based artist – also dancer – embodies a fresh vitality in her last EP, served with skilful tribal percussions and impactful kicks. She totally understood Bambounou’s creative vision for his new imprint Bambe.

Khymeia – Sentinella del Nord [Eklero, 2022-03-15]


With artists such as, NTOGN, PRG/M, the Roma-based label Eklero has known straight from the beginning how to stand out from the others with very creative works. The EP, with its deep dark cinematic atmosphere, marks the return of the forward-thinking label owners in the studio.

Clarence Rise – Tangent Beliefs [Bella Ursa Recordings, 2022-03-16]


Clearly, this week is placed under the lead of Mother Creativity with this new profound release by the well-inspired French artist. People say that France has no electronic music school, but that’s not true. Thinking of Rone, Polar Inertia and Clarence Rise, the French artists are unrivalled creators of cinematic tones, as demonstrated one more time in this interesting album, on a fence between light and dark layers, sci-fi pads and rough percussions, either operatic or punk.

Personnage – FREE005 [Sigrún Music Recordings, 2022-03-12]


Talented Russian artist personage expresses the bitterness of the war through the roaring percussions and wavering groove of his two-tracker on his own imprint Sigrún Music Recordings.

AXOON – Coupled Oscillations [AXOON, 2022-03-20]


It’s been a while since we’ve been following the German artist, whose sound is getting more and more personal over time. It appears to us that the album – his most accomplished work up to date – is a milestone in his musical career, allowing him to become the artist we’ve been waiting for: confident and defending a deep minimal sound signature.

Aske – Genetics [Modularz, 2022-03-17]


Let’s get mentally wasted in the Brazilian artist’s new loops. Expect very linear energy, like always in Aske’s music. The producer remains true to himself, while his productions get subtler and more immersive over time.

Vortex – city​.​soundtrack 1 [Vortex, 2022-03-15]


Peaceful album from Japan, ambient, minimalist, monochrome, with barely perceptible broken glass incisions, in line with Alva Noto’s crispy fragments. Each track doesn’t end properly, creating an effect of a radio switch which contributes to the urban topic, but also disrupts the intelligent trips. “Colouring outside the lines” is however what experimental music is all about…

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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