Space Textures – Textures 2

Space Textures – Textures 2

(Space Textures, 2021-03-25)

Officially from Glasgow in the UK, but for real probably from elsewhere in another galaxy, “Space Textures” has conceptualised “the journey into the unknown” one more time in its second VA. Featuring five tracks and five artists, the selection brings the textural roots of hypnotic techno to navigate the listener through extraterrestrial elements. With an impressive sound design, each track poses a unique auditory experience and contributes to an overall journey made of diverse soundscapes.

The first track “Aibophobia” by Kontinum brings a peaceful atmosphere, setting up the conditions to take off and reach the stars. Its persistent drive gives direction to the unexplored space and subsequently, the next two tracks, produced by the talented Doctrina Natura and Artifical Drm, introduce alien textures and wonky grooves. Through these unexplained frequencies, a vivid dialogue is formed to ignite the listener’s curiosity. 

For the fourth track entitled “The Golden Hour” and co-produced by Petit Astronaute and Fernie, the journey comes to a calm close, with uplifting melodies alongside a euphoric atmosphere in a cinematic nature. 

Structuring its releases to perfectly evoke the discovery of space, the label has found a beautiful aesthetic, definitely powerful enough to disperse the sound waves further than Glasgow and Earth.


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