Semantica – Burn. SEMANTICA 130.1

 Semantica – Burn. SEMANTICA 130.1

(Semantica, 2021-05-03)

“Purification starts today”. This bold statement introduces the first of what seems to be a four-part “purification” process for Semantica and from the looks of it, it shall be embodied by a captivating sonic experience too.

Semantica’s owner and powerhouse DJ/producer Svreca has for eight years curated the label’s music with an absolutely free mind, offering to the Spanish scene his own vision of contemporary deep techno. This has undoubtedly led to the varied energies developed in this latest release. With a mysterious, daze-inducing opening, Daniel[i] continues to impress with his sophisticated atmospheres, echoing with a further cassette released simultaneously on Pyramid Blood Canada. Captivatingly minimal in sounds, Daniel[I]’s “Seymouria”seems to create a context for Vera Logdanidi’s “Euphoria”, which reciprocates the emotion that was started, but through a more palpable beat, growing in intensity. 

As if a gateway of sorts, the tension climbs through the following tracks. It leads to the unconventional, danceable energies Semantica is synonymous with. The aquatic sounds and racing beat in “Sorgente” (the “source”), Crossing Avenue’s exhilarating input, gives rise to ALPI’s defined four-to-the-floor beats, bursting with psychedelic drive. Already thrilling, the collaboration between Affin’s label owner Joachim Spieth and his mate Toki Fuko resulted in the vigorous track “Variance”, massive, with a subtle polyrhythmic flow and the silky pads Spieth has accustomed us to.

Relentless in vivacity and vigour, the eloquent contributions of Rookas, Hoedus and Milena Glowacka push this VA above and beyond in pulsating energy, which will surely be greeted gladly on dancefloors. Being only one-fourth of a taster of what’s to be heard in the coming months, it is with confidence that the productive, enthusiastic, determined energy that oozes from Semantica is an encouraging motive, possibly to the better times ahead.


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