Reeko – Dogma EP

Reeko – Dogma EP

(Semantica, 2021-02-01)

Hypnotic techno doesn’t have to be always perfect, subtle, beautiful, Italian… because the mind is also made of “night and blood”, “angels and demons”, “scream and cry”, “dirty language”, “dirty feeling”, “mental disorder”, “distress”, “damage”… Long is the list of evocative track titles by the Spanish undertaker, punk as Reeko, great wizard as Architectural.

Various schools have re-interpreted Detroit’s minimalism: the Spanish one, mainly represented by Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup & Reeko’s Mental Disorder, have chosen a deep industrial path: repetitive loops with raw textures. At the image of the heavy guitar music for rock: it feels sometimes good to clean the human engine with some noisey grooves, getting lost in music without overthinking its multiple layers: “When dogma enters the brain, all intellectual activity ceases”, said the novelist Robert Anton Wilson.

The sociologist Saul Alinski mentioned earlier: “Dogma, whatever form it takes, is the ultimate enemy of human freedom”. Reeko’s EP on Semantica is definitely an invitation to break the chains…


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