Polygonia – Bloom

Polygonia – Bloom

(Sure Thing, 2022-03-08)

“Thank you Mother Nature.” (Our original introduction)

The onset of spring calls for changes while marking the beginning of a new cycle: the snowy landscapes give way to the nature, showing itself in all its beauty, causing anticipation and renewals. Spring is the moment of the year when the nature awakens, sculpting new leaves and creating new connections…

“Thank you Polygonia.” (Our remixed introduction, pick your favourite)

The onset of spring calls for changes while marking the beginning of a new cycle: the snowy landscapes give way to Polygonia, showing herself in all her beauty, causing anticipation and renewals. Spring is the moment of the year when Polygonia awakens, sculpting new musical leaves and creating a new connection… With Sure Thing?

Yes, with the excellent label Sure Thing, which privileges quality over quantity and which is first and foremost a notorious podcast of our scene.

Polygonia artistically flew from her label‘s headquarters in Munich to Sure Thing‘s in Boston, using a young aircraft with high mileage: while belonging to the local youth, she has a huge experience as a producer and DJ, for having cumulated hundreds of productions and mixes at a young age. Hyperactive musically, she literally “eats, sleeps, does techno, graphics, repeats”.

During the rest of her daily free time, she enjoys taking care of her numerous plants (her home is a jungle!). She dedicated “Bloom” to them, finding in the colours of nature the inspiration to hypnotise the listeners with enchanting sonorities.

She’s also driven by a profound value: in a past filmed interview, she confessed being proud of producing as a woman: “I’m proud that I pushed the boundaries and begun to produce as a woman, not because it’s something special when you produce as a woman, but still there are too few women who are producing. That was kind of a limitation for me also in my brain, thinking that all my male friends can DJ and produce and that it’s more like a male thing, but well, I guess that’s not true, so I’m proud that I began to do it.” A few months after, she released “Bloom” on the 8th of March 2022; during International Women’s Day.

It is obvious to us that both her vegetal friends and the celebration of the women have been two important leitmotivs in Polygonia’s creative mind, which led to the production of – what we consider to be – her best release up-to-date, enhanced by Neel’s advanced work at the mastering.

“Dreaming Trees” subtly opens the EP with a thick bassline, enveloping the listener in the subsequent compositions and setting the general tone and integrity for the whole musical experience. The track is also composed of soft shimmering sounds, while the vibrations generate a deep, panoramic volume through the multilayered tones, associated with birdsongs and other sonic replications of the wildlife. In addition, the key element, which doesn’t give a chance to stay indifferent, is the fresh and mesmerising vocal manipulation, which enhances the multi-sided harmony and creates a magnetic synergy. The vocals also reveal their magical power in the second track “Bloom”, causing a more distinct state of consciousness, while the space is implicitly filled with tribal motives. “Coleus” continues the mind trip, accompanied by similar sounds but evolving in a different direction. Forest Drive West’s remix closes the release with the British artist’s personal view, holding the cohesion of the overall beautiful journey.

It’s not the first time that Polygonia plays around with the vocals, having for instance also brilliantly done it in “Whispering Leaves” from her resounding album “Leaves and Ghosts“. Artists such as Donato Dozzy with “Parola“, Klara with “The desert of dreams” and Polygonia have clearly understood how hypnotic the voice can be, when transposed as instruments among the other musical layers. It’s precisely such well-inspired and well-executed vocals, highlighted by the mastering of Enisslab studio, which transcend the genre and make the melodious tracks become masterpieces.

Spring is the moment of the year when nature awakens…


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