Nils Edte – Organica Reinterpretations


Nils Edte – Organica Reinterpretations [Indefinite Pitch, 2023-03-08]

Hailing from Stuttgart in Germany, the rising artist Nils Edte continues to make a name for himself, by creating constant well-produced atmospheric and organic releases. Like Sam Wilson, Edte has been first and foremost a fine observer of the scene for a long time before becoming active in the scene, first as a DJ and shortly after as a producer. If his early productions were more in the deep melodic techno realm, he started to add trippy atmospheres on his 2021 release “Lumin” on Ordinamento Selettivo. He got then signed by Eafhm on Secuencias Temporales and last year, Edte started a close collaboration with the Chinese quality label Indefinite Pitch. “Organica Reinterpretations” is the last instalment of a trilogy, which started with the beautiful release “Organica“, followed by a contemplative reinterpretation by the talented French artist Adhémar to end with the present VA finally. Let’s hit play on the valuable artists’ amazing tracks, one by one:

Avsluta is known to me for her synthy ambient creations and this remix goes way further, fuller, richer. The percussion work on this track is reminiscent of Primal Code and Shackleton, with an aquatic, soothing ambient background that creates a shamanic and delicate take on the remix. It evokes an Indian mantra that freezes time and creates a trace memory.

Martin Nonstatic’s version takes an interesting opposite direction. While the original track is very textured and not dance-oriented at all, this powerful yet deep broken beat remix preserves the classiness of the original version while giving it at the same time a very straightforward vibe. It is a perfect tune for a daytime outdoor festival, which opens and breathes while keeping the head nodding.

A bit like for the previous piece, it’s interesting to see how TAMA shifted the ambient vibe to make it a proper deep techno club-oriented track. The German artist designed nice percussions and a growly bassline to carry the dark ambience. Such a process makes it a perfect dancefloor track for any deep techno enthusiast.

After a beautiful EP on Deflection Music which highlighted his love for deep and growling kind of “goa” inspired basslines, Dåggěr’s take on “Mira” brings the track into shamanic realms with a driving beat and the addition of a very hypnotic flute sound. This remix also breathes nature and you could nearly sense morning dew dripping from mushroom caps.

It’s always interesting to hear a track remixed by different artists. For this version, the french-based producer made a more stripped-down interpretation focusing on stellar sounds working as ear candy, contrasting with a deep and powerful kick drum. The background ambience oscillates between dark yet positive and tender moods. The track is delicate and well-balanced.

Doctrina Natura is a well-known producer based in Spain who has released on many emblematic labels such as Aarden, Oslated, KVLTÖ, Secuencias Temporales, Bahn, PhonoTropismi. His release also on Deflection music is worth highlighting as well. The present remix follows the path of his qualitative productions sounding, rich, dense, full and cinematic. The lovely depth contrasted by well-defined high-end crispy sounds and detailed hi-hats, added to the use of lush and deep reverbs, make you fall with pleasure into this ocean of classy sounds.

This piece was probably the most surprising remix of the release. Based on his previous works on Annulled and Norite, we have been accustomed to deep tracks, built with a slower tempo and more straightforward rhythms. His take on “Oniri” shows his love for half-time 170 BPM-alike sounds. This remix will for sure find its way into your collection if you for instance also enjoy Garçon’s label Amenthia and the like of Agonis. Yet it feels still close to the deep techno realm with a very deep and aquatic vibe and a “classic” growling type of bass.

“Organica Reinterpretations”, fresh and classy, has been wonderfully designed: it is a beautiful surprise for anyone who loves techno music with a strong organic feel.


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