Launaea – Waterfall of Amida

Launaea – Waterfall of Amida

(Oslated, 2021-04-30)

Water is a treasured resource, but it’s not the 60% of the adult human body filled with it or the 70% of the Earth’s surface taken by the oceans that have inspired this release. The South Korean label “Oslated” is deeply connected to nature, but in a subtler, more intimate and artistic way.

In 1833, the Japanese artist Hokusai designed a series of landscape woodblock prints called “A Tour of the Waterfalls of the Provinces”, containing eight pieces, reflecting the artist’s animistic belief. Among them: “The Amida Falls in the Far Reaches of the Kisokaidō Road” represents real waterfalls, still flowing and accessible today. With “Amida” meaning “God Bless”, the falls are poetic with a hint of spirituality, in the image of the EP.

“The Amida Falls in the Far Reaches of the Kisokaidō Road” (Houkusai)

Carrying on Oslated’s holistic vision, Launaea presents his own interpretation of Houkusai’s print and flowing along a rhythmic, ever-changing journey, “Waterfall of Amida” becomes another instance of collective creativity, which continues to add layers of depth in detail and reflective potential. 

The stage is set with an atmospheric backdrop, which lulls like a rolling stream throughout the EP. As well described by Clément Davout, in charge of the press description and the beautiful artwork, there is a sense of urgency in “Amida I”. Gradually, adding to the suspense and build-up, percussive elements are introduced on the liquid-like flow of DnB rhythm, allowing for a sense of racing momentum.

Followed by “Amida” II and “Reflected Life”, the sonic experience leaves for a nearly meditative and personal reflection for the listener. This is further highlighted by Blomkraft, the mysterious alias of Hypnus’ label owner Michel Iseneld. His edit shows the influence of organic free-flowing form, while gathering the original tracks’ spirit in sound.

Through the work of Hokusai, the “Majesty of the Waterfalls”, it is humbling to appreciate that our Earth continues to serve as a muse for the artists amongst us, with the affirmation of this EP. 


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