Konduku – Parlama

Konduku – Parlama

(Spazio Disponibile, 2021-07-30)

Well. I like to play kind of deep. Not deep as in “deep”, deep as in “flow deep”. (Konduku, 2019)

Well. I like to play kind of deep. Not deep as in “deep”, deep as in “flow deep”. (Konduku, 2019) [Quote]

This was the artist’s curious reply when De School Amsterdam asked about his style in 2019. Then Konduku developed the idea, describing his sound as “danceable”, with a focus on groovy rhythms covered by unusual atmospheres, without pinpointing a specific genre.

Two years later, the description, along with unbound experimentation, still fits his music, as sensed in his new entry on Dozzy and Neel’s Spazio Disponibile label.

The multi-faceted artist, also keen photographer in his spare time, creates beautiful, bass-oriented poly-rhythmic landscapes. His eye for detail when shooting a scene, picturing something which may have otherwise gone unnoticed, seemingly filters into his productions. As such, there is noticeable detail in the carefully devised layers of sweet, playful chimes and bells in “Parlama”’s opening track, flowing into each other to create an energetic, dizzying whirl, which continues to unravel upon repeated listens.

Konduku has close Turkish ties, with most of his family living there, and with such a background, it’s difficult not to appreciate the interpretation of fast-flowing rhythms synonymous with traditional Turkish music. Konduku’s productions evoke the Turkish Qanun or bağlama, being passionately played on top of the pulsating kick and driving percussions, making the music so warmly danceable.

Rightly so, tying Konduku’s sound to a specific style would not be fitting, as he transgresses across a vast field of moods in his creations. Uplifting, transcendental and cheery, the second track “Mantar Kaya” is full of character with its fast-paced DnB beats and pumping percussions. Deeper, darker and more sinister is the third track “Sinopia”, while “Yukari” closes the journey with a culmination of emotions.

With a relatively young career, Konduku evidently, readily, playfully tackles his interpretation of genres and expresses them with a beautiful uniqueness.

The Berlin-based artist shapes his sound – and his audience – to become ever-evolving, open-eared and open-hearted. Being ever-ready to listen to experimentation of this calibre, we see in this release the evidence of a sure way of reviving, conserving and honouring the sounds of the traditional heritage for years to come.


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