Chris Lucsan – Heliconia

Chris Lucsan – Heliconia

(Virescence Records, 2021-02-08)

A lot of flowers in this Colombian label, ideal to seduce a Valentine, preferably scientific: Virescence conceptualises in its discography and podcast the organic structure of the plants, as well as the musicality of nature, finding in its microcosm and various forms of metamorphosis the inspiration to design hypnotic soundscapes. We still have in mind the massive floral VA dedicated to the iconic Garden Club in Pereira, so we hit play on “Heliconia” with the excitation of the beekeeper.

The first track “Heliconia”, as referred to as a flower growing in Colombia, is simply beautiful. The spiral which fades in is a bit offset harmonically, but it creates the “imperfection of nature” and totally matches the topic. “Aechma” is darker, representing well the tempestuous tropical climate evoked by the label: “an environment tense as a storm.” The two first tracks are followed by remixes from South Korean artists that we follow closely. Artscope’s label owner YĆ³han proposes a magistral version of “Heliconia”, whose original pulse triggered by the kicks resonates like the rumble of the traditional Korean massed drums. Minjoon’s version of “Aechma” closes the EP with a dynamic sense of movement, infused by the polyrhythmic percussions and intriguing sounds. Very impressive journey and a highly recommended release.


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