Like us, you certainly consider him “a genius”, yet let us explain why we often say it in our community. Check out his very first release, “A Vision Of Light.” Nobody produces a first work of this calibre, even the greatest names of our scene. It was in 2019 in Buenos Aires: the EP launched Danza Nativa, one of our most respected labels, which he co-owns with his mates Alderaan and Kyntral. From that first release, well-inspired and insanely trippy, feel Forest On Stasy’s ease in crafting a core element in atmospheric techno often underestimated by the producers of the genre: “the space”, “the vastness”, the expansive sonic landscapes that instantly free the breathing and transport the soul to dream-like realms. Sure, given that Forest On Stasys has only produced since 2019, his music gained from the legacies of the past hypnotic techno creators, which he humbly admits on his own, but what an impressive way to honour them… 

Five years later, the Argentinian virtuoso is atop a discography he can take pride in, including a memorable album on Accent Records and “Neotrópico“, released a few days ago on Technologia Organica. The sonic blast that he regularly provides in his compositions is an invitation to delve into his DJ mixes: we highly recommend his filmed 2023 set on SubRadio and his Memoir Page. The chart below, profound with state-of-the-art pieces, further attests to his innate skills as a music selector.



Monolake – Ionized [Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music, 2001]

Forest On Stasys: This track has stood the test of time in my opinion, and I find myself enjoying it more and more with each listen. Every detail is dazzling. I am always fascinated by the work of such artists who seamlessly blend organic and digital elements with unique rhythms and meters. Monolake is a name that commands respect in the music scene and continues to inspire me. I think it’s important to recognize and appreciate the musical legacy that artists like him have created.


Mohlao – Depth Of Field [Konstrukt, 2018]

Forest On Stasys: The music produced by an expert like him always carries mesmerising atmospheres. Through the use of field recordings and skilful manipulation of textures in every element, he creates deep and comforting sonic landscapes. Such tracks may appear deceptively simple, yet the intricate combination of sounds never fails to astound me. There are always several nuances within the same track, enriching each of his works. While his other musical projects are equally impressive, it is under the alias “Mohlao” that he fascinates me the most.


Shifted – Junk [Mote-Evolver, 2011]

Forest On Stasys: Shifted is a prestigious producer who always delivers good music. We all know that, but this track, in particular, represents a good era of modern techno for me. It’s a track that fulfils the function of keeping you hypnotised throughout the entire listen. It has an incredible structure refreshed by its minimalist approach and complex elements. I stumbled upon it years after it was released, yet my appreciation for it grew even stronger within the context of my discovery, as it coincided with a good time for deep techno. It’s also a tool that blends very well with other similar tracks.


Surgeon – As You Breathe Here Now [Semantica, 2012]

Forest On Stasys: Surgeon has many wonderful tracks but this particular one is my favourite. I hold it dear to me, as I believe it sets the perfect mood for recreating a dark atmosphere in a session. The haunting drone in the background, coupled with the rawness of the percussion, adds a serious and dark undertone to the piece. It always receives positive reactions from the audience when played in the club. It is without a doubt a track that instantly grabs the listener’s attention. Regarding the kick drum, I often find myself wondering how Surgeon achieved such a result with them, and it still perplexes me.


AOKI takamasa – Mnd-sng04 [Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2011]

Forest On Stasys: I’m not sure if it’s the best example for an experimental track, but it was the first one that came to mind. I love how the glitch takes over the track. At that time, Stroboscopic Artefacts’ first albums combined an experimental and techno aesthetic. Aoki has a sound very close to Raster Noton, with a minimalist structure and more sophisticated sequences. The dance floor is left aside; it’s an intriguing work.


Mike Parker – Drain Hum [Geophone – 2001 / Field Records – 2024]

Forest On Stasys: Mike Parker’s iconic album “Dispatches” has been recently re-released, completely remastered. If you want a proper amount of bass, this track is the one. Ahead of its time back then, it still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it. It forged an unparalleled personal sound, which is for me Art more than dance music. Even if Mike Parker is an artist who has many similar tracks in his discography, he never came out before with such a solid experimental result in my opinion. His synth is very recognisable, but also his personal stamp, “often imitated but never equalled”.


James Ruskin – Wisdom Of Youth [Blueprint, 2014]

Forest On Stasys: Created a decade ago, this track holds a thought-provoking allure within the realm of techno. James Ruskin has a very broad vision of the genre. “Slit” is without a doubt my favourite release in his discography. While his earlier works, with a more tribal essence, have endured over time, this particular EP brings an exceptional synthesis of sounds and rhythmic textures. “Wisdom Of Youth”, in particular, subtly embraces a melodic aesthetic, while retaining a dark and melancholic ambience.


Wa Wu We – The Grip Of The Frost Release Itself [Hypnus, 2020]

Forest On Stasys: In my opinion, this composition possesses all the essential ingredients, including a long and harmonious introduction with percussive elements that take centre stage and grow in intensity. It serves as an excellent choice to initiate a slow start during an extended set. From what I feel, it seems to be more suitable for an outdoor performance. Wa Wu We often makes long tracks, most of which are well-suited for initiating a mix thanks to their progression and subtle changes.


Rrose – Columns [Eaux, 2019]

Forest On Stasys: Perhaps a lot of people enjoy listening to techno music with a monotonous beat, bleeps and sharp drums at peak time. However, on my side, I lean towards music that is more mental and deep rather than purely physical. I therefore chose this work, which has forcefulness and a strong immersive effect in the synthesis. I think every element on this track feels “alive”; psychoacoustics is always well-designed in Rrose’s music. This is particularly evident in the various shifts in energy throughout the piece. Rrose is pure gold…



Jorg Kuning – TB-SB [Wisdom Teeth, 2022]

Forest On Stasys: I am not very familiar with this artist, but ever since I stumbled upon this track, I haven’t stopped playing it. I think it brings a sense of freshness and a kaleidoscopic touch to my sets. While it remains minimalist, the synthesis is exceptional, featuring outstanding sound design. I am unable to pinpoint the exact genre of this track. It exudes techno vibes, yet it also showcases fine work with subtle details. It is a truly remarkable piece.


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