13TH SELECTION – A new one every Monday.

Want to stay up to date with the most recent music, for instance for your DJing? Each Monday, we list and comment on our favourite releases of the moment. This week:

012 – Systema Naturae I [012, 2022-02-18]


First VA of a triplet, made by talented artists considered as pillars of the label by its humble owner Claudio PRC.

Forest Drive West – Recursion EP [Echochord, 2022-02-18]


We need a megaphone to shout out how much this EP is phenomenal. With the help of DB1 and Localhost, the British artist, master of the drums, is back on iconic dub label Echocord with three massive masterpieces.

r²π – Abacus. SEMANTICA 132 [Semantica, 2022-02-15]


When the duo from teams up with Ruhig and Prg/M in their project r²π, you know you are dealing with quality. Our beloved “mad scientists” have partly crafted the hypnotic techno sound of Napoli, mixed with intelligent experimental jams and subtle atmospheres. They are back on Semantica with their know-how and intriguing discoveries.

Hoedus / Iori – Mantra / Coil [Non Series, 2022-02-18]


Spanish label Non Series has a long list of memorable releases in its catalogue and it’s always a pleasure to play its new imprints. The two artists have succeeded to create an electrifying experience both for the mind and the body, plunging the listener into a mesmerising journey.

From Surface – Origin / Fabric of Reality [From Surface, 2022-02-15]


Members of the collective Composite, DJs, producers and live acts, the two artists behind From Surface represent the French youth that we enjoy supporting: talented, humble, inspired, coming up with a fabulous 12′ between deep dubstep and DnB, not to be missed.

Hypnos – Vindictiveness [Mahorka, 2022-02-13]


While Mahorka is the quintessence of the greatest underground record labels, with its deep – often electroacoustic – atmospheres and subtle percussions, Hypnos – aptly named – contributes to the label’s clever experimental flavour in his third album, with interesting addictive pieces. Watch out: you may totally lose yourself in his hypnotic music…

Martyn Päsch – Rituals [Cellar Door Records, 2022-02-15]


Second release on Cellar Door, on its recent journey as a record label. The EP is signed by KVLTÖ’s owner in person, who doesn’t stop impressing us with his well-designed deep work and high creativity. The man often colours outside the line for our greatest pleasure.

Leander – Teil​.​1, Elektronischemusik Für Den Sonntag [Leander, 2022-02-20]


Careful musical pieces, perfect to illustrate an art exhibition or to start a mix, with their gentle progression and creative textures. The author, half poet, half mathematician (the release date is a hint), is as intriguing as his work, tainted with timeless moods and evasive landscapes.

* Page’s cover picture: Oye Kreuzkoelln in Berlin, a record shop from a member of our community.

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