We are first and foremost a community (which you can join here) and this magazine is our media. We are very simple people, free thinkers, sharing a passion for deep techno and supporting each other. We don’t pretend to be any sort of elitist movement, but the underground culture runs in our veins. The name “Circle” is inspired…

  • by the repetitive loop of the specific hypnotic techno aesthetic;
  • by the 1989 movie “Dead Poet Society” when we’re nostalgic;
  • by the tribal rain dance under the shaman’s percussions when we’re tripping;
  • by the motto “Peace, love and unity”… We are techno!

A “community” is more than a word, it’s a giant group of close friends around a fire, building up connections and moving together as one block. “Small acts multiplied by a great number of people can transform the world”: In “networking” we believe and in “hypnotic techno” we trust.

We are full of resources: the magazine is born thanks to the help of generous souls:

  • Richard Csizmazia from Switzerland, an artist more than a webmaster;
  • Katerina Maragou from Greece: the caring mother of our community;
  • Jeff Spector from USA, a storyteller full of light and colours;
  • All the members of our community, artists, label owners, technicians, promoters, journalists, hypnotic techno lovers.

I am CĂ©dric Finkbeiner, committed to sharing, commenting and supporting, and on behalf of our community, I hereby declare – seriously but with a lot of love – the grand opening of our magazine!