Yóhan – Null2

Yóhan – Null2

(Secuencias Temporales, 2021-03-15)

Yóhan’s release on the Mexican label Secuencias Temporales sonically parachutes the listeners into his hauntingly captivating world. Creating a climax within the Ep itself, the Seoul artist’s three tracks graduate from abstract to more rhythmically structured. Familiarity runs throughout the tracks, connected by the almost mechanical noises which are transformed into the well-described “silky and sophisticated environments”. With TRK006 having a wave-like build-up, it brims with atmospheric drone influences and nearly organ-alike chords, softening the odd percussive and bleep elements. Notnotice holds on to the unique signature sounds and siren, wails with his interpretation, introducing a gradual breakbeat… It carries on into TRK007 in a playful, question-and-answer kind of dialogue.

Another element of sophistication carried throughout is in the panning applied to the productions, particularly noticeable in TRK008. With it being Yóhan’s most structural work in this release, the panning of the recurring drone sound gives it a somewhat circular, hypnotic feel which dizzyingly contrasts with the pronounced, dynamic motion in beat and hats. The profound depth, heightened by underwater sonic resemblances in Hogeko’s interpretation is a reflection of the expressive freedom which makes releases such as this one so colourful and diverse.

It is thrilling to hear how such a distinct concept in sound – the mechanical turned soft and organic – could take listeners across such bountiful sonic landscapes.


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