Xanexx and Scøpe – Lexical Collocation

Xanexx and Scøpe – Lexical Collocation [SCOPÁVIK, 2021-02-19]

Over the past four-five years, there has been quite a notable spike of raw talents representing the underground techno scene in South Korea. The country has been especially delivering, with rising labels and artists producing all shades of techno. The label SKOPÁVIK in particular, run by Scøpe, illustrates the thought well.

For its latest release, Scøpe has once again paired up with Xanexx, another South Korean powerhouse, to concoct the “Lexical Collocation” EP. It consists of four tracks, displaying SKOPÁVIK’s signature electrifying hypnotic sound. 

The opening track, “Axis”, mixes an almost frantic vibe with soothing undertones, perfect for warming a crowd up. “Leak Away”, on the other hand, goes for a more polyrhythmic shape, meant for a headier experience. It reminds the style of Token, giving a mental image of a strobe light-filled foggy dance floor.

Then, “Reflection” comes in with its very own groove, hinting at a bit of tribalism, mixed with a mesmerising percussive layer. The final track “Rift” is the perfect peak-hour weapon, eluding a more sinister four-to-the-floor rumble, which perfectly tops off an incredibly flexible EP.


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