Worg – Iperborea

Worg – Iperborea [Artscope, 2021-03-27]

Worg is sexier than ever in his new EP, but if it whispers “would you like to visit my pleasure room”, chances are that in reality, you would land in his music studio… 

Rare are the artists who nourish such an intimate connection to machines. Dino Sabatini is like that also. Music-related conversations with them can quickly bring sentimental words such as “patches”, “VST”, “presets”, “dynamics”, “spectrum”, “processors” or “spacialisation”. 

The reason? Worg studied Electronic music composition at the notorious Saint Louis College of Music in Roma, built a whole studio for every single phase of his creative process, is now an electronic music teacher, in addition to being a label owner and a producer doing live acts…

In short, he breathes machines from his leisure to his studies to his professional life…

Such an immersion gives him – say – “a damn great technical expertise”, but as if it wasn’t enough, he assigned the mastering of the present EP to Gio from Artefacts, one of the most respected sound engineers of the scene, partly behind labels such as Stroboscopic Artefacts, Affin and Delsin.

“A sound engineer covering a sound engineer” firstly brings “Nuda Veritas” and unsurprisingly: crystal clear sound design, exceptionally dynamic, massive piece which made us “jump out of the chair”. In the standing position, dancing is the only action left to do, well-motivated by the second track, “Iperborea”, even if its alienating repetition would eventually turn the dancer into a zombie-like state.

Other versions of the tracks are then proposed in a fair process between two friends: Worg made a remix for Laertes in another dope release by the end of 2020, Laertes now made one for Worg, injecting all his know-how from his long admirable career. Laertes’ version is subtle and comes with a mesmerising musicality. 

Then Scøpe, also from Seoul, like Artscope‘s label owner Yóhan, achieves the journey with a more industrial type of track, explosive for our greatest pleasure.

In this first-class release, Worg is one more time impressive, one month after his striking Invite’s Choice live act.


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