Vedis – Enhalon

Vedis – Enhalon

(संस्कार Rites, 2021-12-10)

Implicitly, immersive atmospheres of spirits and rituals lead to absolute dissolving: contemplative and meditative moods gradually blur the boundaries and bring to the harmony with nature…

Nature is so powerful: a landscape, a forest, a river, there is nothing that the five senses feel more connected to. However, the human being makes the choice to surround itself with cement walls. Maybe a sixth sense exists and is at work to destroy them: the human thinking…

When a walk in the forest or by the river can’t be done, the sound experience sometimes has the power to replicate the sensation in the mind and, to a certain extent, to open an access to the pure consciousness. Vedis, in particular, has built a powerful immersive journey we cannot let you miss…

“Enhalon” is an ancient name of the town Struga, located in the North Macedonia. This is where Vedis has created an audio-visual show a while back, now delivered through this eight-tracks release. It couldn’t have been more perfect for the label संस्कार Rites, conceptualised around the union of the nature and the human being. Vedis’ experimental project transcends the topic with a stream of profound meditative and tribal ambient sounds.

Somehow, musically, through her new moniker, she gets closer to her biographic description: a “high priestess of the forest”… Although it may sound “imperial”, her relatives know that she is inhabited by a spiritual presence, particularly obvious in her conversations tainted of mantras and animist metaphors, as well as through her musical nuances. However, other than “a priestess”, she’s becoming for us an interesting musical poet.

“Enhalon” presents eight unique compositions, inside which the nature itself created the hardware. Multiple layers flow in the background and are distributed along sophisticated rhythms and vocals. In the image of the “bathing nymph”, Vedis seems to initiate ancestral chants, coated with an irresistible appeal. Bass frequencies and subtle vibrations get entangled with the perfection of the mastering. Doltz’s remix peacefully merges itself within the journey, creating a moment of recuperation before the tenser outro.

In terms of design, Vedis already impressed us on her previous album “Akasha“, released on Annulled Music under the pseudonym Klara, a more techno-oriented project. We also have in mind her memorable “Page 42” for The Memoir, displaying some tracks of “Akasha” and some older ones. She now pushes the sonic boundaries further with “Enhalon”, achieving by it the construction of her musical totem and showing that she’s becoming a leading artist in the atmospheric techno realm.


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