Unjin & Romi – 꿈 kkum 41

Unjin & Romi – 꿈 kkum 41 [vurt., 2023-01-08]

Woken up, slightly startled, what’s left is a trace of emotions fading away as quickly as the memory of that dreamy reverie just experienced. 

It is tempting to divulge an impression in words of the latest podcast released on cassette by the Seoul-based club and collective VURT, through its 꿈kkum series. Despite this, the imagery or any other reaction conjured up by the soft, surreal soundscape is best experienced personally, to one’s own interpretation.

Surely, with Kizen Records’ head Romi and ECI Korea founder Unjin having stirred up the ingredients towards this sonic soup together; a profoundly deep, tantalising venture is in store.

An hour-long recording, it was originally produced live in Berlin in 2022, during Unjin and Romi’s travels across Europe. The ambient set continuously bends the boundaries between actual and surreal, as subtle, grainy woodwinds and serene whispers warp into chilling, foley-like analogue sounds. The lush vegetation of drone forests is disturbed by glimpses of a shimmering cityscape; grounding, familiar and radiating the sense of an “ancient-future”.

While Unjin, widely recognised as a pioneer for the Korean and international scene, and Romi have passionately transported their influences into a cherished label, both imbue their signature sounds to the set – the result is a seamless union, much like their past collaborations.

Keeping to the nostalgic cassette format, the transportive power given to this seemingly simple contraption is astounding.


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