System Revival – Zero Hunger

System Revival – Zero Hunger [System Revival, 2021-03-04]

The label System Revival was launched last year with two compilations, made to support the people of Beirut, after a catastrophic explosion in the main port, which has devastated a city suffering already from multiple crises. The goal of the label is to raise funds for various humanitarian and sustainability causes, a particular honourable mission.

With the third instalment “Zero Hunger”, the focus has turned to another cause, mobilising the audience for the United Nations World Food Program initiative of the same name. Through the fifteen tracks, the compilation delivers a wide range of journeys, expressing a beautiful shared vision. 

Among the fantastic tracks, we would like to highlight four pieces in particular, that left us a lasting impression.

The talented Zemög from Colombia shows one more time his sound design prowess, with “Guaje”, a nicely introspective deep techno cut, masterfully fusing the organic with the synthetic worlds.

VSK’s track “Orbital” is built on a strong hypnotic foundation, and the hard-hitting percussion pushes the energy further.

A dubbier perspective of hypnotic techno is provided by Montero & Raul Alvarez in “Arcadia”, where intensity and depth are woven together with ease.

Blazej Malinowski, on his side, shows that he can bring his signature dark atmosphere to the ambient territory: “Immerse” is proof that a strong creative vision can take on any form.

We highly recommend you get this release, made with a generous mind…


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