Semantica – Your SEMANTICA 130​.​2

 Semantica – Your SEMANTICA 130​.​2

(Semantica, 2021-06-21)

Raw, pulsating energy is the route this VA takes, as Semantica continues its journey under the topic of “purification”. Following up on Burn. SEMANTICA 130.1, which seemed to create a soft build-up in comparison, “Your.” provides a more aggressive take on hypnotic techno.

As if interpreting the most catastrophic yet sublime happenings in the solar system, ASC – AKA Nereid – elevates “Simulated Future” as one of the most striking anthems of the VA. Echoed drones resonate as surreal, machine-like bleeps and bells continue to add dimension. Off-beat basslines and elements further add an invigorating atmosphere to the layers.

Label owner Svreca’s notable versatility can also be sensed within this smaller “Purification” series. Contrasting with the previous VA, which we also reviewed, the pieces are suggestive and merciless, with a predominant four on the floor taking the lead throughout. The hypnotising wave of repetition and urgency grows as bpm picks up along the tracks.

Adding further dimension through smooth sound design highlights the techno-futuristic sounds. It also reflects the way each producer roots off into an individual journey with every input, starting off from a seemingly familiar place. “Draining Voltage” by Translate, for instance, with its racing hats and continuous breaks, eventually evokes a breathtaking roller-coaster ride. “Generic Decompose”, by Pulso, through its waves of harsh chords, re-creates the stress of a sudden break. No matter which imagery is implemented in the listener’s mind, each track comes with a great level of tension.

Despite being obvious adrenaline-pumping weapons for the dance floors, the tracks, re-discovered upon multiple listens, prove to be also fulfilling and insightful experiences, thanks to their deep and rich emotional atmospheres.


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