Seiichiro Itoyama – The Fall

Seiichiro Itoyama – The Fall

(Liminal, 2021-04-25)

For most artists, introducing their imprint of curators, DJs and fellow producers is a point of careful consideration. The direction of the sound, the aesthetic of the artwork, the uniqueness of the whole concept often come as a struggle. However, occasionally, a concept finds its way through these traits very naturally, without overthinking. Seiichiro Itoyama, a Japanese native now based in Berlin, quietly awakens his imprint through his new label “Liminal”, which focuses on raw sound design and experimental craft, inviting the listeners to do all the thinking on their own.

In “The Fall”, Seiichiro Itoyama produces thought-provoking material with 4 distinct tracks. From dense textures to more intriguing sounds, the elements work in cohesive ways, inducing hypnotism through the repetitive rhythmic sequence. With the first two tracks carrying a similar raw design, and the last two utilising softer synthetic accents, both halves work in tandem. 

The second track “Wrought Iron” plays on subtle variation throughout, while only adding and subtracting a few elements at most. The invitation to focus on raw atmospheric timbre and intense percussions creates meditative loops, making variation all the more significant for the duration. 

In the fourth track, “The Fall,” Seiichiro Itoyama brilliantly complements the previous elements with an electronica-style synth to guide the listeners. 

Through experimental productions with meditative detours, the artist begins an exciting release on his label to promote deeply raw hypnotism.


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