Primal Code – 2099 Saga

Primal Code – 2099 Saga

(Hypnus, 2021-11-19)

The phenomenon of the full moon is not unambiguous. It opens the boundaries with the outside world, harmony is established, well-being changes, sensitivity and receptivity are sharpened, the mind is influenced, thoughts are confused. There are certain reasons to be wary of a full moon, but there is a specific reason why you are in anticipation of it. There is something else within the human being itself, something rooted that always follows us. The pattern containing uncertain objectives, the Primal Code. 

In the atmospheric techno realm, Primal Code relates to a spearhead of the label Hypnus, a duo of extremely talented artists, Davide Perrone and Gabriele Giuggioli, unsurprisingly Italian. “Music is the primordial code that unlocks the doors inside of us”, they stated in their biography, before adding that according to them, it represents a language for the imagination.

If to dare to define Primal Code’s musical language, it is something definitely sophisticated, immersive, non-linear, hypnotic and mysterious, focusing on new experiences and sound research. Through the cinematic journey along “La Via Della Seta” (“the Silk Road”), introducing the “Caimano Tribe” and the “Kalila’s Tale“, it leads us into a new direction, into the future, the new “2099 Saga”.

The new release from Perrone and Giuggioli incites another cognition. Some first ideas about new Primal Code music can be sensed already in the duo’s mix for The Memoir, curated by Hypnus. Hypnotic loops, elusive bassline progression and modular synths, with the course into the cosmic atmosphere, are highlighted by a complex percussive eloquence. Completely new, unique aesthetic experience, the four-tracker release invites you to explore other spaces and textures, while offering to the listeners an intelligent mind trip.


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