Postdynamic – Various Artists I and II

Postdynamic – Various Artists I and II

(Postdynamic, Dec 2020)

Postdynamic from Belarus is Cliche Morph’s label, which doesn’t leave much information about its vision, letting the music “speak by itself” for now. One of the reasons could be its youth, but while it was only launched a bit more than one year ago, it has already a great catalog of releases, with a very distinct graphic signature. Nice gems can be found in the discography, mainly produced by talented artists that are not very known yet, an opportunity for the diggers to find some secret weapons.

Regarding the “one year of existence”, the label has celebrated its birthday with this package of VAs, combined in January but originally released in December with only nine days intervals, and grouping together an impressive amount of first-class tracks. The five first ones install the trippy feel, with great consistency for a VA, while “Ancestral Rhythm” by Mod.1 unlocks the connection with the body. What follows is sometimes intense, sometimes intriguing, always massive. Cliche Morph, being also a talented sound engineer, has succeeded to design the sound in a way that the bundle, with its long list of tracks, sounds like the continuous journey of an album. Very thoughtfully and successfully made.


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