Polygonia – Sottobosco

Polygonia – Sottobosco

(PhonoTropismi, 2021-03-05)

As one of the founders of the esteemed IO record label, Polygonia from Munich has had quite a meteoric rise within the hypnotic techno realm. Blessed with an incredible talent for graphic design and for making varied experimental sounds cohesive, she is once again up to it with this eclectic four-track EP on the Italian label.

“Undergrowth” warms us up with a bubbly, hydroponic ambience that stays true to Polygonia’s sound signature. Accompanied by a soft, yet full kick, the track also teases some lighter elements, reminiscent of the sound of wind chimes during a breezy summer afternoon. Next up, “Archnida” takes us through a trip full of rhythm, seemingly echoing a forest full of life, taking us from the high canopies to the busy floors. The third and most energetic track, “Incandescence”, brings a shamanistic atmosphere mixed with hypnotic drum sequences, ideal to dance with the loved one somewhere in the Amazon. “Theft of Mind” is the icing on this shrubbery-themed journey, finishing off with pure hypnotic tribalism, including subtle yet engulfing acid tones. Quite the ideal way to leave a lasting mark on how organic and primal this release has felt.


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