Polygonia – Deformed Human Nature

 Polygonia – Deformed Human Nature

(IO, 2021-06-10)

Well, another splendid release to add to the “Poly” in Polygonia. And with a familiar focus on the natural roots of our world, the German artist shines her creativity on the human aspect of it all. 

Known for her creative use of organic elements in nature-inspired deep and hypnotic techno (and the visual art that supplements it), Polygonia co-founded the IO collective based in Munich. With each member inspiring a different twist on the subgenres, Polygonia is one to provoke an intense conversation in each release with her diverse sound. 

Polygonia’s long-term followers will take notice of the subtle change in her esteemed artwork. Up until now, all of the IO cover art has been based on textures and elements of a dystopian or natural sensation. With “Deformed Human Nature,” she adds peculiar lighting and modernity to the art form, making the project already captivating and intriguing before hitting play.

Highlighting four desires of human nature, the release offers original insights into the ecological topics Polygonia artistically defends. In the first track, “The Desire for Wisdom”, she experiments with atypical loops of soft melodic chords, invoking hypnosis in an unusual, yet comfortable way. Progressively adding familiar percussion and subtle accents, the second track, “The Desire for Independence”, is a very unique compilation. Jumping to the third track, “The Desire for Power,” a more driving element becomes apparent: nuggets of unexpected twists surprise the listener throughout, such as the intoxicating vocals about halfway through or the warped vortex shortly after four minutes. In the fourth and last original version of the EP, “The Desire for Mechanization,” the track takes a more “mechanical” approach by feeding on human ingenuity with a seeming artificial structure. The piece represents itself quite well with the use of sharp and synthetic sounds at every corner. 

The three additional tracks, dedicated to interpretations from fellow IO members, all offer outstanding visits to Polygonia’s initial creation. Whether it’s Dycide’s rephrase that adds an electronica element, Delusional Circuits’ rework with intense percussive loops or Mordio’s super trippy revisit, all contribute to the consistent vibe of the release. 

As “Deformed Human Nature” displays a wide range of artistic craft, the listeners can expect continuous innovation in Polygonia’s art to come. Being particularly a workaholic in the artistic realm these months, she might not make us wait too long for her next interesting creations.


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