Oslated – 5th Anniversary Compilation

 Oslated – 5th Anniversary Compilation

(Oslated, 2021-03-01)

Oslated continues to deliver consistently and elegantly, on its mission to connect South Korea’s dance music scene with a growing international audience of enthusiastic followers. This 5th Anniversary compilation is proof of just that – the sound which has become Oslated over the years. 

Varied and thrilling, the VA is a sonic journey with international artists taking listeners along for a ride into the jungle-like growth on Jeju Island – where the label is based – with one significant track at a time. Indeed, the compilation is curated ideally, carefully building up momentum and pace with a solid appreciation for talent, no matter where it derives from, loyal to the international scope the label founder Jong-min Lee vouches for. 

Adhémar’s “Deep Blue Morning”gently lifts off with ambient layers of crowd-like whispers, complimenting the voluminous bassline which delicately stirs in with soft mesmerising percussions, then contrasted by the slightly more aggressive feel in the build-up captured by Javier Marimon and Oslon’s “T’alch’um”. Undoubtedly, this collection is packed with character, an unexpected quirkiness as represented in the playful sounds, which the following artists then bring forward.

While well-thought percussions invoke primitive energy, as commonly felt in Oslated’s previous releases, driving beats make the label’s signature sound relevant and contemporary. Evident hints of psychedelic vibes are unmissable, in tracks such as “Kuraku” by Doltz, with a pumping, mind-bending, fast-paced rhythm. The more melodic side to psychedelia then comes out through The Alchemical Theory’s eclectic closing track, whose spirited drum’n’bass pulsating allows the listeners to gently emerge from the mesmerizing journey. 

With a fusion of sounds bringing together old and new, weird and wonderful, dark and light-heartedly uplifting; the compilation is an encouraging ode which links the label’s past, present and promising future.


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