NODE Recordings – Distorted Shapes

NODE Recordings – Distorted Shapes

(NODE Recordings, 2021-05-12)

NODE is originally a Barcelona-based event series that, thanks to the hypnotic techno aesthetic, has found an efficient way to gather the clubbers together around music. Welcoming both local and international artists, the project doesn’t only represent the Spanish school, with its profound textures and dynamic grooves, but also opens up itself to a large range of hypnotic techno sub-genres, showcasing artists such as Reggy Van Oers, Luigi Tozzi, Deepbass and !nertia. 

Last year, NODE took a leap to create its record label, which furthers the community spirit by releasing mainly VAs (at least so far). The guidelines: deep, sexy techno – with artworks displaying their “50 shades of grey” – and the talented sound engineer Gio from Artefacts, in charge of the mastering. “Distorted Shapes” is the fourth release of the label.

The EP kicks off with “Stealth” by Alderaan, an Argentinian deep techno DJ/producer. The track announces straight from the beginning the club-oriented path chosen for the release, with electrifying spirals and powerful mental grooves. 

“Ataraxia”, designed by the label owner Dario Duegra, follows up with higher energy. “Ataraxia” is a Greek word meaning “imperturbability”, defined as the ideal quality of the soldier entering the battle. The image works well: high is the listener’s heart rate, when experiencing the rising tension of the epic track.

Lōn, behind the third track, is a very mysterious project. We only know that it’s a Spanish duo, with one release up to date on Faut Section. “Blasted” keeps the pressure on from start to end, evolving into a full-bodied experience with varied sound elements. 

The Alchemical Theory ends the EP with the high level of production the trio accustoms us to. It once again creates the puzzling blend of frequencies which affects the mind through various levels of consciousness. The artists’ love for electronic and atmospheric sounds provides the “Electric Motion” they promise. By shifting the focus from one layer to the other, the track creates a dynamic experience while floating away, closing the EP with a great trippy feel.


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