Mown – Patience

Mown – Patience

(Circular Limited, 2021-10-21)

Interpretation of the lived experience is a regular source of inspiration for artists. Despite this, the unique way individuals relate to those experiences continues to pool into a diverse, colourful world of sounds, which listeners can relate to or contemplate.

A case in point is Mown’s release on Circular Limited. Despite being relatively new to the world of production, Mown is truly harnessing a distinct sound. Significant characteristics come from rounded, rolling, analogue elements, which can be heard in flowing hats and percussions, creating a powerful, dynamic feel. Confidence in sound ensues and fits in snuggly with the personality that shines through in “Patience”.

Throughout the EP, there is a show of discretion in the introduction of details. It results in a build-up of energy which Mown seems to be very in touch with. “Force” introduces the five-track EP, starting calmly with a trickling, pulsating echo, slowly but surely gathering momentum, nearly in a “crescendo” like manner. This builds up into an undeniable groove which breaks through in the form of an intriguing percussive element.

“Perseverance” seems to reflect the prior track in the confident four-to-the-floor. It takes a life of its own as a constant change in beat formation evolves into a source of growing drive. Such could be the expression of the energy required to persevere; a grounded determination which pushes a being forward. A sinister, darker side comes through in “Patience”. Again showing a sense of evolution, the phrase “patience is rewarded” comes to mind as the sounds transform into a sense of uplifting positivity. 

Doctrina Natura’s interpretation of “Force” presents an alternative energy to the concept. While certain elements are highlighted, newly introduced features such as a powerful, thumping beat give a different personality. The psychedelic vibe of Floating Machine’s mix reminisces Mown’s shift in attitude, forwarding the idea that there are insightful ways a mix may be delivered, even when musically contrasting.

As can also be noticed in Mown’s recent Autobiographical set produced for The Memoir by Hypnus, the artist channels confidence in building up energy. Mown is a talent which certainly cuts out a defined path in the constantly flourishing genre of hypnotic techno, continually supported by the objectives of labels such as Circular Limited.


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