Michał Wolski – Meionia Calai

Michał Wolski – Meionia Calai

(Monday off, 2021-05-10)

When it comes to the hypnotic techno world, Mary Yuzovskaya has had a big presence as an ambassador of sound in New York nightlife. The Russian-born wizardess has journeyed from her home country, while also frequenting Berlin, to build up quite a reputation as one of the most respected turntablists. In 2017, she started her record label: Monday Off, which strictly releases vinyl albums and doubles up as a mix series that features talented artists of our scene. The label is a complete extension of who Mary Yuzovskaya is as an artist. For its 10th release, Polish producer Michał Wolski returns with 3 original productions, complimented by a remix from Luigi Tozzi, who makes his Monday Off debut.

On the A side of the record, “Meionia Calai” reminds Michał Wolski’s gift to apply “heavier” synths, giving a borderline industrial feel mixed with an efficient predominantly polyrhythmic beat. The track represents well the intensity and versatility that the label is so good at touching. The second one, “Xeloa Claipha”, gives continuity to the rawer side of the EP, with a drone-heavy core surrounded by astral, yet eerie hi-frequency details. 

The B side is obviously the “Jedi to the Sith” of this release, with “Plaxhia Exhea” keeping the strong sense of a deep rhythm and energetic structure, accompanied by seemingly fading emotive undertones. Though the original mix of “Meionia Calai” has a strong presence, Luigi Tozzi smartly uses the embers left from the track and infused them into his signature groove and progression in energy, with the subtlety he accustoms us to.

Michał Wolski proves one more time how talented he is and is worth following closely; we recommend for instance his Youtube channel, where he posts great jams from time to time.


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