Markus Masuhr – Structures of Emptiness

Markus Masuhr – Structures of Emptiness [Pragmat, 2021-03-11]

With Leipzig’s charm, Pragmat introduces “Structures of Emptiness” to its catalogue for another notable release in 2021. Since early 2012, Pragmat, owned by Markus Masuhr, has offered a nice range of sounds from dubby chords meeting raw techno, to deep undertones paired with hypnotising patterns. In past releases, Pragmat has furthered its underground flavour alongside artists that share a similar vision, such as Kontinum, Øihan, and zelde743. Most recently, Markus Masuhr has produced a generous eleven-track album on the platform, with his signature dystopian twist. 

Take a deep dive into each lengthy track to unveil the subtle attention given to the patterns. Starting with a methodical approach in “disclosure”, Markus Masuhr builds into a dense setting. Heavy kicks compete with lively accents to create a dialogue, pushing the track into a conversation among the listener. Right after, “revelation” takes a different – more dynamic – angle. Markus Masuhr follows with a bit of sculpture, subtly detailing each sound at various points, and building on each element in a progressive direction. 

By the end, hypnotising patterns sweep a full spectrum to bury the listener in a rhythmic noise. Throughout the album, seeds of brilliant ideas come to the surface, such as the perfect blend of vocals in “unrelieved” and “meridian”, creating a seeming hallucination.

As Pragmat continues to grow its output of unique elaborate sounds and like-minded artists, its imprint is bringing some intense well-crafted sound design to anyone who stumbles upon the label’s catalogue.


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