Lemna – Mantis 05

 Lemna – Mantis 05

(Delsin Records, 2021-06-07)

In 2018, Hendrik van Boetzelaer, formerly known as Opuswerk, shared in our community Lemna’s Horo Vision Podcast 10, a 2017 live performance captured in Tokyo that had the effect of a nuclear blast within our walls. The mix came as an – obvious – memorable revelation: the impression to witness the atmospheric techno of the future. 

Horo is an important label for us. It’s the sound of the battle, inherited from the Drum’n’Bass, the Japanese traditional music and above all, from the owner’s inner fights themselves: Geoffrey Wright, who knows sadly well what an emotional scar is. It’s maybe why we love the label so much: it’s the authentic sound of the tormented soul, tremendous and radiating.

Lemna joined the German label tardily, but instantly got its emotional essence: she has been “Horo” from her very first releases in 2017. Fresh and gifted, she has insufflated her own rage into the battle, adding to Horo’s catalogue most of her discography, filled with constant mind-blowing killer bangers.

“Mantis 05”, it’s “Horo” visiting “Delsin Records”, which opened its large electronic music field to the hypnotic and atmospheric sides of techno via the elegant Mantis series. “Malayan Banyan” sounds as the first tribal meeting, diplomatic, not aggressive but progressive. “Dodecahedron” evokes distant battles, surprises with its post-modern drum’n’bass percussions. “Marine Snow Nocturne” comes as a break in the middle of the meeting, illustrating the teeming oceanic life with a bouquet of experimental sonorities. “Diffuse Reflection” resumes the political negotiations and builds the tension through its complex rhythmic and mesmerising drone. Finally, “Spinning Dancer” imposes compliance with Lemna’s cultural heritage, under the deep impactful percussions and bassline.

With talented artists such as Forest Drive West, natural/electronic.system, Varuna, Konduku, Dino Sabatini and Lemna, the respectable Mantis series confirms its high standard.


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