Kontinum – NFR010

Kontinum – NFR010

(NFEREE, 2021-03-12)

Since 2017, the Wales-based record label NFEREE, owned by Motion Symmetry, has been nothing but consistent concerning the quality of its productions. It has successfully established a middle ground between dub-techno, ambient and the more stripped-down style of music, an efficient cluster of sonic aesthetics which coexist beautifully one more time in this release by Kontinum. On the side of the remixes, we are well served, with versions from the talented trio The Alchemical Theory, who recently published a spectacular page for The Memoir, from Motion Symmetry himself and from Craft, doing his debut on the label.

“Caligula” hits the ground running, with a laid-back yet driven tempo accompanied by massive pads, providing a full spectrum of sonic colours. The Alchemical Theory’s remix brings back the epic side of the pads, but switches up the drum sequence with some acid lines, ideal for a change of pace on the dance floor. Kontinum’s second track “Decadent Society” gives the impression of a dub/hypnotic techno hybrid: uplifting yet decompressing, it evokes mental images of the latter stages of a long club night. 

In his personal version of the track, Motion Symmetry stays true to the pulsing and energetic hypnotism he’s known for, with an efficient four-to-the-floor banger. “Lavish” and “Iglu” are perfect examples of how NFEREE emphasises the repetition with trippy layers: no break, just a continuous flow in which it’s easy to get lost. The two tranquil yet profound gems smoothly give way to the powerful and emotional last track by Craft, who totally got the spirit of the label.


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