Kangding Ray – Wann kommst du meine Wunden k​ü​ssen

Kangding Ray – Wann kommst du meine Wunden k​ü​ssen [Self-released, 2023-02-02]

Through thick or thin, there’s the family we are born into and/or one we may join at a given time. Through life experience, the word “family” may stir up a multitude of various sentiments, which constitute the core of Hanna Doose’s last film, “Wann kommst du meine Wunden k​ü​ssen” (Kiss my Wounds).

In charge of its soundtrack, Kangding Ray beautifully expressed complexity, charm, turbulence and serenity, which are just a few feelings from the roller-coaster of emotions lived in the familial context. The full feature film picks up on the inter-relations between a diverse group of individuals who find themselves together again in a stripped-back, pure, revealing experience.

Through a union of spoken word, improv, movement, scenery and evocative sound – stories coming together through different artistic fields – build up an authentic narrative. With his multidisciplinary approach and background in architecture, Kangding Ray designs a sonic scenography that intertwines with the unfolding storyline and its characters. 

As may be experienced from his previous vast library of experimental electronic and hypnotic techno production, DJing or live performances, a tangible connection lies in carrying that lived experience beyond to a parallel, carefully constructed universe. In this case, that universe tells a tale which some may relate to more closely than others. Nevertheless, the vibrating chords, somehow uneasy, angelic voices, soothing instrumentals and anticipation-building, pulsating rhythms surely facilitate the conveying of this tale.

Where we experience electronic sounds is continuing to grow inside the night club, the familiarity of our abode, sunny forests or the comfort of a cinema chair. A shared or individual experience which in a way, on a universal level, connects listeners into a family of sorts too. As it continues to flow into different areas of our world, it reverberates a positive tune, resounding that creative outputs are only as limited as our imaginations and the collaborations we aspire to.


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