Javier Marimon – Salida 461

 Javier Marimon – Salida 461

(KVLTÖ, 2021-04-19)

The DJs know it, adjusting the pitch can make or break a track. While most productions can withstand changes of tempo, transforming in character, Javier Marimon has based his experimental creations on fixed speeds, in a way that the movement becomes part of the art form.

The Spanish artist explains: “Salida 461 (Exit 461) is a 500 km highway car scape through rising km/h and bpm’s to reach a little unknown and safe village on the mountain that I call Home today. The news on a crackling car radio system was escalating on that progression too, so I was pushing the accelerator unnecessarily conditioned for what was starting to fall from the skies worldwide. Luckily, there is always a comedown, as in any other trip, and hopefully we will be able to stay there, rather than losing ourselves on accidental speed surplus.”

From 80 to 140 bpm, the tracks grow in tension, with analogue sounds skilfully designed to craft the acceleration. From the haunting, echoing bell-like sounds in “80”, a rhythmic beat is just audible. It’s re-used in the pulsating “100”, displaying a play in filters to encapsulate the growing apprehension. Rather minimal in elements overall, the bells and bleeps in both “120” and “140” unravel in the quickened beat, like a heart racing, succumbing to the atmosphere. The last piece, ambient, relentless, titled “0”, either comes as the choice to take the foot off the pedal for a happy ending, or to face the deadly wall…

The musical movement contributes to seeing the sound, through a short movie at play in the driver’s mind. Such a visual approach recalls that Marimon is first and foremost a talented graphic designer, behind artworks of labels such as Kizen Records, Danza Nativa, Spæcial and Huinali Recordings. With an immediately recognisable touch, the artist also has his own visual brand, Off T, that we recommend checking out.


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