Jarguna – Animas-k

Jarguna – Animas-k

(संस्कार Rites, 2021-01-27)

Let’s rewrite, just for this release, John O’Farrell’s famous quote:

Music is a Journey, ambient is getting lost…

It has never been so true with this album, which, from the beginning till the end, transports the listeners to another world, thanks to a huge amount of field recordings and some subtle tribal percussions. It must be said that the author, Marco Billi AKA Jarguna, is a notorious backpack traveller who, more than having a long list of visited countries in his record, has established his working place in some of them: Burkina Faso, Madagascar and Uganda. You can immediately tell the difference when a piece is produced by an artist who opens the Chakras both musically and geographically. The tracks are very rich, very evocative, and leave a memorable emotion from having experienced so many landscapes and smells from the headphones.

“Animas-k” refers to the “mask of animal” often used in tribal rituals mainly for spiritual matters. In Jarguna’s own words:

Often and in many cultures, the dances with masks are meant to represent a sort of exorcism an act of purification by expelling evil entities from the villages, a sort of carnival parade in which by making fun of the entities you remove them, since you identify with them with the image of the mask you are wearing.

As a result, more than being a musical journey, the album, deep and authentic, resonates like a shamanic initiation, and the trance coming out of it is extremely powerful. Highly recommended for a successful take-off.


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