fütwerk – Righteous light in the abyss of darkness

 fütwerk – Righteous light in the abyss of darkness

(Aythekos, 2021-06-03)

“fütwerk”, it’s the story of two inseparable and influential DJs from Melbourne, Tom Szabo & Brayden Warburton. They don’t only mix together all the time, they create an entire scene in the deep techno realm, and it’s absolutely not an exaggeration. Their dedication can be sensed through their successful events Equinox Melbourne and :Affinity, as well as on Equinox’s homepage. The latter not only announces the numerous gigs, but expands as a blog with interesting interviews, such as Primal Code‘s and Deepbass‘ that we particularly enjoyed, as well as a rare one of Saphileaum. As if it wasn’t enough, Equinox is also the home of a podcast. For sure the two lads wake up every day with a determination that is nice to see.

“Righteous light in the abyss of darkness” marks the entry of fütwerk into the producers’ world. Of course, the duo didn’t take the plunge in June 2021: it’s the result of a very old dream, which was already in the artists’ minds when they started mixing together, around 2016. We all know that studying the gear and the softs require some patience and perseverance, but by joining their forces, Szabo and Warburton have successfully achieved their goal, with an air of celebration as summer is fast approaching.

They can definitely celebrate: they’ve obviously waited to get the necessary skills before releasing anything official, and the EP sounds solid, “as if it had been produced by a veteran”. The four tracks come with well-designed beats and drones, and moreover: a stunning deep musicality, that surprises for a first work. The layers are perfectly balanced and contain some creative ideas. A great groove envelops the overall mood; the artists didn’t forget to bring their DJ vision, well translated musically thanks to their long experience behind the decks.

fütwerk has chosen “Aythekos” to publish the EP, a young local label run by their friend Liam Coster AKA Commodus of Rome. The label has a mesmerising concept of the artwork, that adds a nice deep touch to the release. The EP is a craft work, conducted by a bunch of friends, which is the essence of underground music and which works amazingly well here.


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