Fur:ther Sessions – Praeterea 1

 Fur:ther Sessions – Praeterea 1

(Fur:ther Sessions, 2021-02-21)

Inner Tension, Monument and now Fur:ther Sessions: the start of 2021 is marked by the metamorphosis of notorious event series into record labels. While it’s obviously the right time to operate such a fusion, with the events being currently on hold worldwide, it’s a brave decision, regarding the difficult times lived within the music industry. In order to compete, a smart strategy would be to impress straight from the beginning with valuable cards. Well, Fur:ther Sessions just did that, with a striking first VA.

With the label being established near Munich, it’s not a surprise to see the flagship of the local scene being represented. In front, Artjom Schmidt instantly sets the level high with his hypnotic opener, as well as Dycide, co-founder of IO Records, with a massive dark tribal track. In the shadow, the talented Niklas B├╝hler, also well-known by IO Records lovers as Delusional Circuits, is in charge of the mastering.

Other great german artists have been invited: Mordio from Berlin and Vanta from Leipzig, playing dangerously with electricity and magnetism. Vanta, in particular, surprises us these days for being literally everywhere; in the VA of Charybdis, pragmat and Crescent London. Not sure which nuclear battery powers him, but we would like the same one here for sure. Efficient dancefloor-oriented tracks then follow, giving to the release its stated “broad spectrum of electronic music”.


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