From A Lost Place – Charity Compilation II

From A Lost Place – Charity Compilation II

(From A Lost Place, 2021-08-22)

We love the Colombian scene, not only because it is made of very talented artists, such as Aleja Sanchez, !nertia, Zemög, launaea, Szórëgg, but also for its very nice and warm people, as noticed by anyone who’s touring in the sunny country.

This compilation is an opportunity to share also some news on the clashes with the authorities that affect Colombia since April 2021, marked by protests against increased taxes, fees, corruption and police brutality, within the pandemic context. The numbers show the extent of the crisis: by 21 May, more than 2000 instances of police brutality, including 44 protestors killed, 27 cases of sexual violence, and around 200 people reported missing. Today, the situation is still ongoing: while Amnesty recently condemned Colombia’s police brutality, thousands of protesters demonstrated peacefully in Bogota to urge its congress to support their cause. Up until now, the government offered minor concessions. [Ref. various news media]

Many Colombian artists and labels have shown active solidarity with the protesters, including in the local electronic music scene, with for instance the labels MedellÍnStyle and, now, From A Lost Place, curated by launaea, in collaboration with Whispering Signals, run by Daniel[i].

The first “Charity Compilation” dedicated to supporting the economy of the country got released in 2020 before the birth of our media, grouping together relaxing ambient, experimental and atmospheric techno tracks that we recommend checking out. The second volume picks up the same intelligent vibes, matching with the message of peace and containing superb subtle gems in the vein of what launaea usually does, including the magical tribal tracks from ASC, Daniel[i] & Zemög, Red Noise & Sepian, Primal Code, Vanoni and many more. Not only the VA has been beautifully designed, with tracks that are pretty consistent together, but they will also make you discover new talented artists, with the urge to dig into their discography.

The benefits from “Charity Compilation II” will be donated to Fundacion Feminicidios Colombia, raising awareness of the issue of violence against women in Colombia, and contributing to the cultural growth of children in the country. 

The Colombian people are so nice that while having a lot to deal with in their local area, they are also turned towards the others: launaea has announced that a part of the money will also be donated to support an association in Afghanistan, in the context of the country’s current severe political crisis. 

We’ve noticed a similar sincere empathy in another project from MedellÍnStyle, showing that the Colombian people deserve all the respect and support for their shining aura.


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